Kanji Bar

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Kanji , a rock bar with a playlist that extends into rock’s every subgenre, fills a niche in Poros’s diverse nightlife. It’s where you’ll find stiff drinks and strong music. But Kanji isn’t just the island’s alternative scene: on summer…


Orion Bar

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Just like the constellation it’s named after, Orion Bar is known in Poros and its environs as the most happening bar around. Orion is located in Pounta, the old harbor known for the taverna and bars that comprise its lively…


Joy Bar

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In the center of Poros island and in direct access from the sailing boats, a special hangout for lovers of high entertainment was created! The Joy Bar. This is a welcoming multi-space entertainment bar made with a lot of enthusiasm,…


A diferent view from Regatta Cocktail Bar

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Regatta is worth visiting for its location alone: the first floor of an industrial-deco-influenced building with a view over the town’s main road and the harbor. It’s this view, which like a wide-angle lens takes in the lake-like bay seemingly…