Poros, Nisi, Greece

Pounta, the old harbor and fishermen’s quarter, extends south from the church of Evangelismos to the tip of Sphairia. Its name is derived from the Italian for “end”, which is apt as it forms the far end of Poros Town. Pounta today is a district of taverns but is also known for its nightlife, although the fishermen’s nets piled on the quayside by brightly-painted fishing boats prove local tradition’s resilience. Read more about Pounta

Η γειτονιά των ψαράδων, της ταβέρνας και του “ποριώτικου χασάπικου”. Η μακρόστενη αλάνα της νυχτερινής διασκέδασης που αγαπήθηκε από τον κόσμο, για την αυθεντικότητα και την ατίθαση καρδιά της.

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