The Folklore Museum: A Glimpse of the Past

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Household items may seem ordinary but it’s these glimpses into day to day life that provide valuable information about a culture. Tools, cooking utensils, and furnishings offer clues about how people live. The Folklore Museum of the Poriotissa Women’s Association is a collection of such  cultural artifacts, including furniture, traditional costumes, embroidery, table china, weaving, handwritten recipes that combined paint a picture of Poros’s customs.


Established in 2003 and currently houses in the Syngrou Building near the new harbor, the Folklore Museum aims at highlighting and preserving traditional lifestyles, especially home and work life. All items in the collection, which includes a series of old photographs, were donated by members of the Poriotissa Women’s Association and is continuously renewed through new donations and acquisitions.



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The Folklore Museum: A Glimpse of the Past

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