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Nausicaa of Poros! The island’s new mascot

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Poros’s seal finally has a name—and it’s Nausicaa, after the daughter of King Alcinoos in Homer’s “Odyssey”. Pronounced Nafsika, the name means ‘burner of ships’ and while this marine visitor doesn’t harm boats, it certainly loves frolicking around them. 

Dolphins are frequently spotted in the waters around Poros and there have also been sightings of seals but never one that has come so close to shore. Nausicaa made her first appearance in Poros harbor during the children’s carnival party—much to everyone’s delight. Since then she’s been spotted swimming off the quay.

nausika (1)

The seal has become such a familiar sight that Poros News held an online vote for its name. Nausicaa, with 44 votes, topped the list that included other ancient names like Aethra and Calypso, as well as more contemporary ones like Merkel.

So Nausicaa is the island’s new mascot. And a great reminder of how vital clean seas are to the survival of beautiful sea creatures like seals.

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Photo by Annette Spaan


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Nausicaa of Poros! The island’s new mascot

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