A diferent view from Regatta Cocktail Bar

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Regatta is worth visiting for its location alone: the first floor of an industrial-deco-influenced building with a view over the town’s main road and the harbor.
It’s this view, which like a wide-angle lens takes in the lake-like bay seemingly formed by the channel, that produces spectacular sunsets behind the profile of the Peloponnese ridge known as the “sleeping maiden”. But Regatta also has a hip vibe and a cocktail menu of popular and original mixes.

For a solitary aperitif or a coffee, yes they also serve up lattes and cappuccinos or a more private tete-a-tete, claim a table on the narrow balcony. It’s like a front-row seat on Poros’s comings and goings, both on land and by sea. If you’re in the mood for socializing, there’s bar and lounge seating indoors.

And if that’s not enough, then drop by between 6 and 7 pm for aperitifs or during “happy hour” from 8 to 9 pm, when special prices apply.
When we went: Early evening, weekday.
What we ordered: Frozen strawberry margarita and a Cranberry cooler.
What we paid: 16 euros (regular price)
What we liked: The sunset view and the music (which plays in the background just loud enough to make you want to move and just low enough that you don’t have to shout conversations.)


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A diferent view from Regatta Cocktail Bar

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