Sailing in Poros – Round Poros Rally

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How about the idea of rounding-off your sailing season by joining Greek Sails for an end of season ‘blast’ and taking part in the annual two-day ‘Round Poros rally’?

The sailing rally is over the two days of the last weekend of October when the weather is still warm, but the season is coming to a close. Well, usually it’s warm although 2009 wasn’t so hot, but we can’t book the weather for you, sorry! See the video taken during the 2009 race.

The weekend incudes a simple ‘round the cans’ race on the Saturday followed by a complete ‘round the island’ race on the Sunday, all topped off by evenings of beer and wine in a local hostelry and a barbeque on the quayside. Is there any better way to close your sailing year?

But I don’t have a boat!

No boat? No problem! Why not arrange a short duration charter. Fly out to Athens on the Wednesday or Thursday and pick up a yacht for a few days. Have a day or two getting familiar with your yacht, or simply enjoying some of the wonderful sailing around Poros, then join us for the Saturday and Sunday racing before going home on the Monday. Simples!

So what do I need to do?


  1. Find a cheap airfare. Our ‘Travelling to Greek Sails’ page gives links to some good places to find cheap airfares plus complete details on how to get to Poros from Athens airport
  2. Check with us about the availability of a suitable yacht mentioning dates you would like and that you are interested in participating in the ‘Round the Island race’.
  3. Speak nicely to your boss and book some time away from work
  4. Book the cheap air fare you found and confirm your booking with us
  5. Come and enjoy yourself!


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Sailing in Poros – Round Poros Rally

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