Spiros Rois: The long distance swimmer who swam from Pireaus to Poros

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The crossing of the Saronic Gulf is an exceptional attempt  undertook by long distance swimmer and physical education teacher Spyros Rois from the island of Poros.

With his attempt to swim from the port of Pireaus to the island of Poros within 6 days Spiros managed to raise awareness  and financial support for “Faith”- Parents’ Association for children with neoplastic diseases.


On May 31st  2016, Spiros started his long-distance attempt in Piraeus and swam the distance to the island of Peristeria Salamis. The next day he continued his swimming journey to Aegina (1/6) followed by Agistri (2/6), Agios Georgios& Methana (3/6), the port of Methana (4/6) and he finished in his hometown Poros, on June 5th, where a warm and proud welcome was waiting for him from authorities, local agencies and all the islands residents.


Spiros undertook this difficult six-day herculean task as his prime target was  to sensitize/grow awareness by people, institutions and authorities to support this project of the Parents’ Association “Faith” on each possible way: financially, morally, or with material aid; to help these children with cancer and their families.

Spiros crossed the seas of our region and was welcomed as a hero on each station of his journey.

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Spiros Rois: The long distance swimmer who swam from Pireaus to Poros

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