The hiking path to Ayii Anargyri

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Poros is famous for its hiking paths, especially on the larger island, Kalavria, from Neorio to Monastiri and from Foussa to the Temple of Poseidon, routes that thrill the hearts of nature-loving walkers.

Locals also love to walk. Most afternoons you’ll see couples of groups of three or four friends in sportswear walking briskly along their favorite route.

It’s one of those charming daily routines that brings you close to the local community in a strange way. It’s a form of communal group therapy open to young and old.


A favorite path traces the Sphairia ridge from the old mill (Mylos) to Ayii Anargyri, a small church perched over the island’s southeastern end. The path beckons among the shrubs and wild grasses and although easy to follow was recently marked by volunteers.


It’s quite narrow, which means you’ll have to walk mostly in single-file. The path is quite popular among local dog-owners walking their pets. To reach the church, you have to pass between these two hillocks.

The path is framed by brush and some scattered pine trees. Further along, tall cypress trees rise from between the Poros stone.


To the right, the view is dominating by Poros’s strait as it is framed on the other side by Galatas, Belesi, and the Aderes ridge. To the left, the Aegean glimmers past Kalavria. A private donation funded the paving stones laid in several sections along the approach to Ayii Anargyri.


The hill is protected by fire safety measures. These were introduced a few years ago after a blaze threatened to raze most of the greenery. About 100 meters from the church stands a small white-washed iconostasis memorial whose candle always burns.


The view from here is breathtaking. Poros is the Bosporus of the Saronic Gulf.


Another narrow path off the iconostasis leads into Pounta, the town’s southernmost quarter.


Two stone benches shaded by pines and cypresses offer a rest stop a short distance from the church.


Continuing a long the path, a rock formation rises overhead as if ready to pounce. A small woods embellished by stone and greenery signals the approach to final destination.


Stone steps lead to the entrance of the church’s forecourt.


A small spring, a whitewashed storeroom, and the picturesque church beckon, inviting you to seat on the tree trunks on the covered terrace.


Ayii Anargyri offers a panoramic view. To the east, the Aegean extending beyond Bourtzi islet and pine-clad Kalavria.


The Peloponnese frames the view from the other side. Galatas, Plaka, Belesi, Artimos. The blessed land’s magic stretched out at your feet. You realize that the path along Sphairia’s ride is one of the island’s prettiest sights.

Look for the markings that will lead you there.


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The hiking path to Ayii Anargyri

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