Vengos’s charm

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In 1963, on September 16 to be precise, one of the funniest films in the history of Greek cinema hit theaters: Laskos’s “Marlon Brando, Who?” (Tyfla na’hei o Marlon Brando) starring Thanassis Vengos, probably the best comedic actor in the history of Greek cinema.
Filming took place around the island—from the harbor to Villa Galini—but most of the scenes were set at the Golden Dawn Hotel (or Golden View, as it’s known today) in Askeli. Locals appeared as extras in numerous scenes. In one of the most hilarious, a group of women rush towards Vengos, causing him to panic and shout: “Help me, Christians! Calm down, you crazy girls. Stand back or I will get a stone. Back off, you crazy women!” He then dives into the sea off the waterfront at Karamanou square by city hall. The film sold 230,117 tickets.

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Vengos’s charm

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