Artichaut: Fashion in… layers

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Artichaut, which is French for artichoke, might seem like an odd name for a shop that sells items like bracelets and scarves, but Katerina and Maria who run it chose the name for its symbolism: the artichoke, they point out with a smile, has many leaves that protect the heart. And it’s a play on the word “art”. That’s certainly appropriate for Artichaut is certainly artsy.

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Almost everything in the shop, from colorful felt eyeglass cases to totes made with upcycled fabric scraps, is made by the women who run it. The exceptions are the tunics and dresses which complement the accessories; these are hip Greek labels like designer Elena Pavlou’s 2 in a Gondola.

DSC_0617 DSC_0624 DSC_0625

Natural and upcycled materials are fashioned into unique and slightly quirky items, like necklaces made from fabric rope, metal and embroidery earrings, as well as hand-knitted tops and pashminas. Clay, seashells, even old zippers are refashioned into cool accessories that carry a lot more of the island in them than a mass-produced souvenir t-shirt.

What we liked: No two items are exactly the same.


Accessories & Gifts


Poros Town. Tel.: 22980 XXXXX


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Artichaut: Fashion in… layers

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