The archaeological shipwreck near the islet of Modi

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From the 20th of September untill the 29th of October 2016, a team of specialists from the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology will conduct underwater archaeological research, at the rocky islet of Modi (also known as Liondari) near Poros. HIMA…


Folk Dances Create Culture Bridge Between Dusseldorf and Poros

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Strollers on the Poros waterfront were in for a treat on June 6, when the German dance troupe Orfeas entertained locals and visitors by performing Greek folk dances. Wearing traditional Greek dress, the fourteen dancers from Dusseldorf demonstrated how culture…


Kayak Greece showcases Poros as a marine sports venue

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All paddles were in the water during the weekend of May 9-10 when Kayak Greece held its first event of the 2015 circuit on the island of Poros. Some 300 athletes took part in the two-day event whose aim is…


Poros hosts international waterski competition in June

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Top athletes from Greek and foreign clubs will compete in the 2015 Poros International Cup organised for the 21st consecutive year by the Passage waterski school. The sports event will be held June 6-7, with competition in six age categories—under…


Exhibition: Ancient Greek Technology

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This may be the era of technology, but the ancient Greeks invented and used some of the earliest devices known to humankind, with references to robots even appearing in mythology. And it’s this aspect of Greek antiquity that’s highlighted in…