The archaeological shipwreck near the islet of Modi

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From the 20th of September untill the 29th of October 2016, a team of specialists from the Hellenic Institute of Marine Archaeology will conduct underwater archaeological research, at the rocky islet of Modi (also known as Liondari) near Poros. HIMA…


Celebrity spotting

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Poros might not have the jet-setter reputation of islands like Mykonos, but keep your eyes peeled because you might just spot a celebrity walking along the quay. Celebrities spotted in recent summers included actors Michael Douglas with Catherine Zeta-Jones, director…


Get to know the Russian Bay

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Russian Bay is set amphitheatrically along a small cove framed by thick pine woods and sheltered from the channel by the pretty Daskalio islet. The ruins are all that remains today from the abandoned Russian Naval Station. The Treaty of…


“Seashells and the Sea” Museum

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The Shells & the Sea permanent Exhibition is housed int the classical architectural styled building of Poros Municipal Library donated by Alekos and Katina Hatzopoulos, citizens of Poros.  The two-story neoclassical-style former residence is framed by a small garden and…

Η ταράτσα του Αργοσαρωνικού στους Αγίους Ανάργυρους στο Άνω Φανάρι

A hike to the heavens

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On a clear day you can see forever—and sometimes a lot further than that when your perch is atop the Aderes range overlooking the Saronic gulf. The mountains rising behind Galatas, on the Peloponnese shore across from Poros, offer a…