Spiros Rois: The long distance swimmer who swam from Pireaus to Poros

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The crossing of the Saronic Gulf is an exceptional attempt  undertook by long distance swimmer and physical education teacher Spyros Rois from the island of Poros. With his attempt to swim from the port of Pireaus to the island of…


Henry Miller describes Poros

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“I don’t know which affected me more deeply-the story of the lemon groves just opposite us or the sight of Poros itself when suddenly I realized we were sailing through the streets. If there is one dream which I like…


Bayanderas, the rebetiko rhapsodist from Poros

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Mention Greek music and most tourists will think “Zorba”. But for Greeks, the sound of the bouzouki usually conjures rebetiko, an urban music introduced by the refugees from Asia Minor. The port city of Piraeus is a large chapter in…


The Prime Minister from Poros

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Alexandros Koryzis is no more than a footnote in modern Greek history, but on Poros he is remembered as the prime minister who killed himself rather than surrender the country to Nazi Germany. His tenure was short—less than three months—but…