ERGANI weaving shop

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ERGANI weaving shop is located in the picturesque lane that runs through the center of Poros Town behind the fish and meat market. In ERGANI you can find handwoven, handfelted and handmade things for you and your home, made by me with lots of love and care.

The environmental friendly philosophy of ERGANI workshop: most of the items are made from natural fibers, such as wool, cotton, linen and silk. Very often I try to re-use materials (for example, old clothes are the weft for the rug rags) and of course weaving and felting require minimal energy.


  • Thread by thread a new world is created of fairy tales, dreams, sensations, where nothing is wasted even the smallest piece of cloth is converted to a bead, flower, heart and acquires its own value.
  • Carpets, pillows and wall hangings, warm clean lines, bright colors and soft textures. As the weaving is combined with painting, needlecraft and felting, the shapes come to life and creating another dimension.


  • The art of weaving and felt making are as old, as the presence of the man on earth, but it is always up to date and provide great satisfaction to those who work with them.
  • Two or four hour seminars will give introduction to the principles of each art. Groups of up to four people. The day and time can be arranged.


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ERGANI weaving shop

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