Patisserie Glykisma: The sweet temptation in the lane

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A picturesque lane runs through the center of Poros Town behind the fish and meat market. As you walk down this lane, the aromas of butter, cinnamon, chocolate, and vanilla lure you to Glykisma, a delightful little patisserie with a dizzying display of cakes in the windowfront.


Glykisma is Greek for candy or sweets. And since opening twenty years ago, Glykisma has become a favorite among locals and visitors alike thanks to a combination of quality and creativity in its mouth-watering treats. It’s also an advertisement for the local market and local products.



The patisserie offers a selection of fresh-made pastries, pies, cakes, and sweets but its specialty is the baklava. It’s hard for such a ubiquitous treat to impress but Glykisma’s baklava is revered thanks to a secret recipe kept within the family-run business. Indeed, Glykisma is often the last stop on the island for departing locals and tourists who pick up a fresh batch of the sweet to take home or to friends. Another favorite—especially as a hostess gift or to treat friends back home as it travels well—is the amigdalota, a marzipan-like cookie dredged with confectioner’s sugar.


All sweets and pastries are made fresh daily from quality ingredients in the bakery and kitchens at the back of the store. The delicious desserts range from home-made gateaux, pound cakes, and fresh pies to traditional syrup-drenched Greek sweets and home-made ice cream. Take a tip from locals and visit Glykisma for a breakfast treat: try a hot savory pie or a bowl of creamy rice pudding flecked with cinnamon for a sweet start to the day.

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Patisserie Glykisma: The sweet temptation in the lane

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