Pounta, the old harbor

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Pounta, the old harbor and fishermen’s quarter, extends south from the church of Evangelismos to the tip of Sphairia. Its name is derived from the Italian for “end”, which is apt as it forms the far end of Poros Town.

Pounta today is a district of taverns but is also known for its nightlife, although the fishermen’s nets piled on the quayside by brightly-painted fishing boats prove local tradition’s resilience.


Pounta was originally developed as a residential quarter for the workers at a quarry, olive press, and small foundry. All three have since closed: the Korali disco occupies the long-defunct quarry, the Vettas olive press is now a small arts center, and the foundry once housed the Sotiris’ Taverna whose patrons are said to have inspired the painter Yannis Tsarouchis’s iconic sailors.


Tavernas were emblematic of Pounta, and old-timers often hark back to the district’s industrial character with especially nostalgic references rows of barrels arrayed along the quay to be washed before being refilled at Nosis’s winery.


Pounta also had its own honor code—and a rough reputation that even local police respected. But the island’s gradual tourist development from the 1960s onwards changed all families supplemented their income by renting out rooms to visitors. Among these was the writer Vassilis Vassilikos who spent hours at his favorite taverna scribbling in a notebook.


Today, the neighborhood is still known for its tavernas, from laid-back mezedopoleia to sophisticated seafood restaurants. It’s also popular for leisurely afternoon strolls, especially in late afternoon when the setting sun illuminates the town from behind to great advantage.




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Pounta, the old harbor

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